The Role of Social Media in Referral Networking

I have long said that Twitter – and other social media – can produce referrals. I have also said that social media isn’t sales media. Both are true. Being part of this badass project is a great example of using social media to build business relationships that produce and convert leads. I met Sean of […]

Curing Common Misconceptions about Twitter

Just yesterday someone asked me which social media platform was my favorite. I replied, “Twitter, of course.” This answer usually gets me a funny look because so many people have common misconceptions about Twitter including: Twitter is full of garbage. Yes, Twitter can be a dumping ground for plenty of fodder but so can any […]

It’s Called Social Media, Not Sales Media

No matter the social media platform that you choose to use for your business, remember that none of them are designed to be lead generators. They are designed to showcase you or your business as an expert in your field. If you’re thinking about social media as a lead generator, you’re just plain doing it […]

Which social media platform fits your brand?

Selecting “all” when building a social media presence for your business is one of the worst decisions you can make. Spend time where you are going to get the most benefit. Think about your target client and ideal referral partner as well as your products and services. You want to be marketing where your target […]

Getting Started with Social Media

Getting started with social media for business is about more than setting up accounts and posting updates. It is about building an audience for your brand, product or service. Small businesses typically start with a grassroots effort of asking their own network of friends and family to follow them on social media. Building a social […]

Privacy Settings Don’t Matter When it Comes to Facebook Hashtags

Last week I shared my blog post called My Love Affair with the Hashtag. I told readers how I fell in love with hashtags (#) on Twitter. I was quite excited when Facebook rolled out the hashtag function. My excitement didn’t last for long. #Hashtags are not functional on Facebook mobile apps. Sigh. I can’t […]

My Love Affair with the Hashtag

Before I tell you about my love affair with the hashtag, I should explain what a hashtag is and why it is so important.The hashtag, otherwise called the pound symbol (#), was originally utilized on micro-blogging platform Twitter to help users organize information.  Whether you want to be found or share information to a particular […]

Social Media and Customer Service

What’s the role of social media and customer service? Until today, I wasn’t entirely sure how much businesses listened to their following on social media. So many brands hire someone else to manage their presence, taking themselves a step away from their audience, that I wasn’t sure who would be listening when I sent a […]

Social Media for Job Seekers

My life has truly come full circle since being kicked out of corporate America. Career Connectors was a huge part of me becoming a freelance writer and business owner. I am pleased to announce I will be the keynote speaker at the July 23rd event in Gilbert, AZ. All are welcome to attend. The theme of my presentation […]

Big Ideas for Small Business: Social Media & Cocktail Parties

I am pleased to announce my guest blog post on Big Ideas for Small Business by Infusionsoft entitled How Social Media is Like a Cocktail Party.