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Writer’s Block Tips For Bloggers

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Blog Post Ideas

There are days when you know you should be working on your business blog and the words just aren’t coming to you.

Believe me, I get it.

The creative process is about more than sitting in front of a computer tapping keys. It’s about finding the right place in your home, office, mood, and brain in which you can write.

Newsletters Aren’t Just for the Trash (How to Use Newsletter Content for Your Blog)

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Blog Post Ideas, Content Marketing

Content for Your BlogEmail can be overwhelming and sometimes we do it to ourselves. I’ve signed up for more newsletters than I care to count. Last year I used Unroll Me to unsubscribe from thousands of emails to which I was subscribed.

It was part of a strategy to test my theory that newsletters from other people aren’t just for the trash and that you can use the content for your social media and blog posts.

Here’s how to use newsletter content for your blog

What’s the secret to online marketing success in 2015?

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Content Marketing

Have you ever started a project full force and then it fades into nothing? That’s often how our online marketing begins. We’re excited to roll out a website, new product or service, or social media. When the novelty fades, we often abandon our efforts, calling it a failure. The reality is that our online marketing success needs a plan. For blogging to be successful, start with an editorial calendar. In my guest blog post What’s the Secret to Online Marketing Success in 2015? I write about why an editorial calendar is critical to your success and tips for getting started.

Start Writing Blog Posts Today

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Blogging

Start Writing Blog PostsIf I had a dollar for every time I’ve said, “Stop overthinking and start writing blog posts,” to business owners, I’d be close to retirement. Over the last few months I’ve learned there are an infinite number of distractions that prevent us from blogging or doing whatever it is we need to be doing for our business. Focus, managing priorities and time, and having a simple, executable plan are keys to making blogging a priority.

My Biggest Challenges

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pro Blogger

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Blogging

hiring a pro bloggerAs business owners, our time is valuable and often at a premium. We’re the marketing, business development, and accounting departments. While you may understand the value of adding content to your business website, you either have no interest in writing or just don’t have the time. If this sounds like you, consider hiring a professional blogger. In my guest blog post on 910 West, I share 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pro Blogger including specialties, pricing, and process.


How to Use Your Blog to Tell a Story about your Business

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Blogging

Business Blogging Tip - Use your blog to tell a storyYour business website isn’t a stagnant marketing tool like a business card. It doesn’t just sit around looking pretty [or it shouldn’t if you want to make the investment of a website worth your effort]. A business website should be used to breathe life into your business and brand. The most affordable and effective way to build your brand online is to blog on a consistent basis and use your blog to tell a story about your business.

First things first. You must be clear about who your target client is or no marketing (blogging, social media, website, etc.) will work effectively to build your business. You have to know who you want to reach so you can create and share content related to that particular audience. Otherwise you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. Over time, the spaghetti method gets tiresome, boring, and stressful.

Before you begin blogging, ask yourself:

How to Write a Blog Post

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Blog Post Ideas

How to Write a Blog PostAre you overwhelmed at the prospect of writing a blog post for your website? I get that way too especially when I overthink the process of how to write a blog post. When I think of it as an email to a client or prospect giving them information they’ve already requested, it’s a lot simpler. Here are tips for the next time you write a blog post:

McAuley Freelance Writing Announces Launch of New Website

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Projects & Press Releases

Gilbert, AZ December 2014 – Anne McAuley of McAuley Freelance Writing announces launch of new website designed by 910 West of Gilbert, AZ. The site includes services for blogging, copywriting, and content strategy, a revamped business-focused blog, and sample portfolio of client work.

“The re-designed website was a long time coming. The old website wasn’t designed to attract new clients and it wasn’t mobile friendly. Working with the team at 910 West, we developed a website that attracts new clients, is mobile friendly, and tells the story of my business,” comments McAuley.

A member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce since 2012, the focus of McAuley Freelance Writing is providing writing services including blogging to small to medium sized businesses.

“The blog on the new website is targeted toward business owners seeking more information about writing online content. Using the tips provided they can try blogging on their own or hire me to help them get their brand message to their target audience,” says McAuley.

Why Website Content Matters

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Content Marketing

If you’re not adding content to your business website, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with your target audience and increase your search engine ranking (SER). Without content, your website is nothing but a pretty design — and it’s not telling visitors a story. In my guest blog post on 910 West, I discuss Why Website Content Matters. HINT: The easiest and most affordable way to add content to a website is by blogging.

7 Tips for Creating Engaging Blog Posts

Written by Anne McAuley on . Posted in Blogging

Creating engaging blog posts is about more than putting words on a website. It’s about telling a story that attracts and engages readers. In my guest blog post on Coach Erin, I discuss tips for creating an engaging blog post including identifying your target market, making the post relevant to readers, and repurposing content.

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