Who is on your personal power team?

ekp-mcauley--4Before we can answer the question of who is on your personal power team, we need to understand what our personal vision or objective is.

What is most important to you and why? 

Often our business and personal lives intersect. If our objectives in one area aren’t aligned with the other, we can feel off balance and make decisions that don’t fit our vision for our lives.

For example, if business is all about making money at any cost AND you define yourself as a god fearing person, you might be misaligned. Think Tony Soprano sitting in church the morning after he “off-ed” a guy. It just doesn’t make sense. Consider adjusting your life to reflect what you truly desire.

WHO is most important to you? For many of us, God, family and friends are at the top of that list. We crave companionship, love, and support. When everything else might fall apart, we know we have God, family, and friends to help us get our lives back on track.

WHY do you do what you do? There should be an end goal in sight. Maybe you want to earn $X so you can take your family on a vacation. Maybe you want to retire at a certain age. Maybe you do what you do because you love it or because you’re changing people’s lives. Whatever your WHY is, create a personal power team to help you reach your goals or vision.

Understanding WHO is important and WHY you do what you do is essential in creating a personal power team that guides you to success. For example, my friend and her husband have built a life together with their three children that is based on four pillars – Faith, Family, Finance, and Fitness. They align their personal and business lives with these pillars.

At the heart of it, those are my pillars too. In my next post I will share more about the personal power team I have built based on faith, family, fitness, and finance.

Who is on your personal power team?

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