What to Expect in 2014

As I have grown my freelance writing business over the last three years, I have been flying by the seat of my pants. I will be the first one to admit there were a lot of short term goals but longer term goals weren’t part of the plan. It’s time for me to have some long term goals when it comes to my writing.

What to Expect in 2014 from McAuley Freelance Writing:

  • Content Creation: I am committed to creating more content for this blog. I am asked a variety of questions about social media, blogging and being a business owner. I realized that I never write about them here which is a shame; I need to be. Also, if blogging helps establish us as experts (which it does), then I need to be showcasing my knowledge.
  • Get Published: Take what I have learned about social media and being an entrepreneur and share it in a book.
  • Facebook: A continuing love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love my followers, learning from you and sharing tips. I hate that death, taxes and Facebook updates are three things I can count on every day. Sigh.
  • Twitter: A continuing and growing love affair with Twitter. I continue to connect with other business owners and freelance writers, learning how to build a business and share content.

They say that if you write your goals you are more likely to pursue and achieve them. Here’s to writing, pursuing and meeting goals this year!

What are your goals for 2014? 


  1. All of that bodes well for all of US! :) Excited to hear more from you, Amazing Anne! {and if you utilize a pop-up after commenting, I’ll still comment}

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