Three Tips for Creating a Kickass Blog Post

ekp-mcauley-0803-2Creating a kickass blog post doesn’t have to be complicated. Many of us are reading your post from a cell phone or tablet and don’t have time to read hundreds of words formatted in paragraphs with no end in sight. We have time for a quick read while we’re sipping a cup of joe waiting for our next appointment. Simplicity is key.

Here are three tips for creating a kickass blog post:

  1. Keep it Simple: You’re giving a few tips about your topic not writing a dissertation. Keep your blog posts simple and to the point. Your readers have short attention spans.
  2. Bullets and Bold: We’re all short on time and attention. More than likely your readers are skimming for useful information rather than reading. Include bullet points or numbering and bold for the things you want readers to notice.
  3. Words Matter: More specifically, word count matters. If your post is more than 350 words, it’s too long to be a blog post. Break it into smaller ideas and a couple of posts.

On behalf of fellow skimmers around the globe, I want to thank you for keeping you next post short and to the point. Cheers!


  1. You’re the only person I would Tweet with “kickass” in the title! :)

  2. P.S. Simplicity in writing is not my specialty! Except when I edit for others!

  3. hi there, I am Kyomm, visiting from the SITS tribe. I agree with you, I prefer to read simple and scan-friendly posts with some white space!

  4. Interesting one Anne but I’m not sure I totally agree that anything longer than 350 words is too long. In my spare time I blog about the environment and some of the topics I cover are a little too complex to condense in this way.

    On the other hand, I probably do write too many lengthy posts and too few quick, easy to digest, snippets that someone can read in a few spare minutes.

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