The Role of Social Media in Referral Networking

I have long said that Twitter – and other social media – can produce referrals. I have also said that social media isn’t sales media. Both are true. Being part of this badass project is a great example of using social media to build business relationships that produce and convert leads.

I met Sean of Automation Gurus on Twitter last week through my blogger pal Nikki of Book Pairing. I met Nikki at WordCamp Phoenix. Nikki and I tweet each other on a weekly basis, mostly about coffee, adult beverages, food, books, and our love of hashtags and blogging. It’s hardly ever about business.

The referral to Sean came as a welcome surprise. I think Nikki rocks. She thinks I rock. Sean was looking for a copywriter to rock a badass project. Pretty cool opportunity in a Six-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon sort of way.

What created the opportunity for the referral? One could argue social media wasn’t the referral source. Rather, it was the vehicle that brought us together, much the same as a face to face networking event would. It still happened through social media; I count it as a return on my investment.

Building a referral network means taking time to nurture relationships. This year I am focusing on my current network, identifying opportunities for partnership or referral. It’s not just about getting business for myself. It’s about understanding how I can help others.

Social media provides great opportunity to stay in touch with my network, develop relationships, and help each other’s businesses grow. And THAT is badass.


  1. Hells yes. I was actually talking to some other people in my mastermindish group. This was all a definite win because I was able to say no to business that didn’t exactly fit in my skillset and make sure that somebody I totally respected was able to take it up instead. I’m so glad it worked out! #socialmediarocks #twitterpower #wheresmybeer? :D

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