Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

ekp-mcauley-0436-2Whether you like it or not, you need to have a social media presence as a job seeker. Companies are increasingly sourcing free or nearly free sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter for eligible candidates. 

The two most popular social media platforms for job seekers are LinkedIn and Twitter. 

LinkedIn for Job Seekers If you’re going to choose one social media platform, this one is it.

  • Complete your profile to 100%. Having a complete profile illustrates to a prospective employer that you complete tasks.
  • Employers want to know what you’re like as an employee so it is important to give and receive recommendation from your contacts.
  • Tell the story of how you help your employers, not just a list of tasks completed and awards earned. No one will hire you because you’ve been named Employee of the Month five times; they will hire because you earned that award by helping on a particular project or met a goal.

Twitter for Job Seekers Twitter is a great social media platform for anyone gathering or sharing information.

  • This is a free and open platform meaning you can follow and be followed by anyone. That includes hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Companies are increasingly using Twitter to announce job postings and source for job candidates.
  • Use #hashtags to find jobs in your industry or area of interest.
  • Start with sources such as @tweetmyjobs and @JessicaPierceAZ.

As you search for a new job or career, it is important to not only have a social media presence, but to be conscious of the content you are posting. Social media is a powerful tool for you finding a new job. Use it wisely.

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