It’s Called Social Media, Not Sales Media

ekp-mcauley-0450-2No matter the social media platform that you choose to use for your business, remember that none of them are designed to be lead generators. They are designed to showcase you or your business as an expert in your field. If you’re thinking about social media as a lead generator, you’re just plain doing it wrong.

It’s called social media, not sales media. Here are some tips for creating engagement:

  1. Stop paying someone else to tell your audience about your brand. You know your brand best. Tell your story using your voice not someone else’s voice. It’s authentic and appreciated.
  2. Respond to feedback. Whether it’s good or bad, respond to your following in a timely manner. People want to know someone is listening. If they think you’re not listening to them, they will leave you and listen to your competitor.
  3. Understand your social media following so you can share suitable content. I, for example, have other writers following me as well as business owners. I share information and tips for both audiences to create conversation among (and with) my following.
  4. Don’t talk about yourself. It sounds counterintuitive but social media is, to some extent, about sharing what others are saying. It isn’t good form to always be talking about yourself or your brand. Give a shout out to someone else, maybe a client or someone with whom you network.
  5. Be positive. There’s nothing worse than a business or individual who only uses social media to complain. As a business owner, would you want to work with someone who was complaining about their clients on their social media? I would be afraid I’d be the next target! Keep those comments private.

Social media is about engaging an audience. It’s about building relationships with people who are interested in your product, service and brand message. You don’t have to force it by being in the business of sales media. Create an environment where people are attracted to your business and you will experience success.


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  1. Anne, nice post and I agree 100%. I follow a lot of real estate agents on Twitter and Google+ and 90% of them just puke up the latest listings and boring market stats too frequently. I’m sure most people just scroll right on by or “unfollow” as I have done on several occasions. Be interesting, be engaging, be happy, be responsive, and be positive while on social media. You’ll be better for it.

  2. Great tips, Anne! You do an amazing job with all of the above–that’s why we love you!


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