I am creating a lifestyle, not building an empire

ekp-mcauley--4-2When I started my freelance writing business, I was focused on getting clients, creating income, and getting bills paid. As life and business have evolved, I see a much bigger picture. And the possibilities are endless.

I realized that I am creating a lifestyle, not an empire.

The biggest challenge is to keep the business as small as possible. There are times when I have hired contractors. What I learned was that I am not cut out to be a manager in skill set or desire.

At the heart of my business is my passion for writing, not managing people.

I talk to other writers and creatives and we all agree that we fall into a weird space of business owner and creative. There’s only so much growing we can do as a business and still hold true to our craft.

As I looked at my business I saw:

  • 2012 to 2013 – the gross profit was almost dollar to dollar the same
  • While the gross profit was the same, services have changed.
  • My network and referral sources have evolved.
  • It isn’t enough to be making money and paying the bills.
  • I want to create a lifestyle.

The question then becomes, how do I create a lifestyle that I desire while at the same time staying true to my craft as a writer? (Let’s be real – this is about making more money.)

  • Review current services, client list, and leads.
  • Am I offering the services I want to be offering?
  • More importantly, what are my clients and prospects telling me they need?
  • Are my leads requesting services that I either currently offer or would like to offer?
  • Where are the opportunities to offer upgraded services within my current list of clients and prospects?

Most importantly, what is the lifestyle I want to create?

The lifestyle I want is one that allows me to travel and be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I don’t want to burn the candle at both ends, realize I am thirty years older than I am today, and have nothing to show for it. Relationships, family and friends, and being able to travel, are most important to me. We have to be intentional and take steps today toward the future we desire.

Defining the desired lifestyle helps me create products and services to not only meet the needs of my clients, but to achieve the lifestyle.

How does your lifestyle impact your business? Or maybe the question is how does your business impact your lifestyle? 


  1. Such a great post! I’m not cut out for managing people, either! :) My goal is to build a business that helps me live a lifestyle of peace–plenty of time to take care of myself and do what I love while serving others at the same time. I am thinking about my lifestyle this week, too, so Erin and I can talk about it–I want my updated services to reflect the lifestyle I want to build. Thanks for the thinker, Anne!

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