How I Helped Clients Get Badass Outcomes

ekp-mcauley-0786Last week I was contacted by Sean Tierney of Automation Gurus via Twitter asking if I would like to participate in a Business Accelerator as a copywriter. The goal was to get individual clients badass outcomes in just two days.

Sean described the Business Accelerator as, “doing what we do every day on a compressed time line.” The work was to be designed, written, and client approved in just two days. I was up for the challenge and said yes.

What is a Business Accelerator? Bringing together subject matter experts (SME), we designed, planned and executed projects to help clients automate their customer acquisition process. SMEs came from a variety of areas including content creation, social media, public relations, SEO, web design and development, API, leads conversion, email marketing, video production, and business strategy.

If your head is spinning from all those technical terms, you’re not alone. My head was spinning too. I know enough about how a website works to know I need technical people on my team.

Being on the ground floor of an innovative idea is exciting. You might say it’s badass.

This was the first Business Accelerator hosted by Sean. I am pleased at how smoothly the process ran. While there is room for improvement, I would call it a success.

Over the weekend I worked with two clients to develop email campaigns to promote their business. Here’s what I learned:

  • Take a chance and try something new. I had never participated in an event like this and am glad that I did. I met new people, made connections, and produced copy to help clients move their businesses forward.
  • Even if the day doesn’t go as planned, you can still deliver to clients. I had to work from home because my computer wouldn’t connect with the internet at our project location. Honestly, I prefer to work from home but in this case would have liked to be with the team to see more of the process in action.
  • Build a team. Having experts from a variety of areas was the reason we could, with our combined knowledge, provide badass results to clients in just two days. None of us could have done that alone. That’s the power of a team. And that’s badass.

My experience as a Consultant on the Business Accelerator team was exciting and exhausting. I can’t wait to participate again.

Are you interested in building your business in TWO DAYS? There’s another Business Accelerator happening in May. Reserve your spot at the Acceleration Gurus website


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