Curing Common Misconceptions about Twitter

ekp-mcauley--4Just yesterday someone asked me which social media platform was my favorite.

I replied, “Twitter, of course.”

This answer usually gets me a funny look because so many people have common misconceptions about Twitter including:

  • Twitter is full of garbage. Yes, Twitter can be a dumping ground for plenty of fodder but so can any other social media platform. The trick knowing how to filter the information.
  • I don’t “get” it. If you don’t understand Twitter you’re more than likely not a content creator or information hound. This platform is ideal for people who create and share content or for those searching for content. Think marketing public relations, and authors.

Curing Misconceptions about Twitter

Curing misconceptions boils down to sharing tips for curating the “garbage” so you can find information that is useful in just a few clicks.

  • Identify thought leaders in your area of interest
  • Follow and retweet them
  • Identify resources in your area of interest
  • Follow and retweet them
  • What are those resources/people using for hashtags?
  • Search by those hashtags
  • Who are your resources mentioning in their content?
  • Follow the mentioned resources too.
  • Search by their handles (Twitter user name) and hashtags.
  • Share original information about your business or from your blog.
  • Share articles you find interesting and that are relevant to your brand.
  • Some people recommend creating lists for topics or areas of interest. I found them to be too time consuming to create.
  • Keep your followers and following “clean” — delete, unfollow, and block anyone who isn’t a thought leader, inspirational to you, a resource, etc.
  • Respond to people who retweet and mention you in their tweets. Tell them what you liked about what they shared.  It’s a great way to start conversation.

To make Twitter (or any other social media platform) useful to you, it is important to be an active user who understands how to get to information, resources, and people they find useful.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

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  1. Yeah, Twitter has begrudgingly become my favorite. Took me awhile to “get it” but now it’s a great resource for content! That’s how I found this article ;) thanks for the read!

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