Creating a Home Office that Works for You


Creating a home office that works for you is about making a space where you are most productive and comfortable. Design it with YOU in mind and remember the space you create today can be different than the space you have in the future.

A Space to Call Home

In 2010 when I began working from home, I had a black lab mix named Fathom. Each morning I had a routine to feed and walk him, make coffee for myself, and say, “Okay, now it’s time to go to work.” Fathom would follow me down the hall to my office with his tail wagging. He would lay by my side for hours. I think we were both happy to have each other, especially as he began to age.

My faithful companion and best friend passed away peacefully on May 13, 2012. My heart still aches for him. His death made it hard for me to just head down the hall to my office and “go to work.”

The office was a place of peace and creativity. Without my sweet companion, it’s an empty office stuck at the end of the hallway. Often I stare out the window, wondering what Fathom had been watching all those days and hours.

It has taken a long time working at many different places to create a home office that works for me. This weekend I reconfigured the office so my desk is facing the window. I also created a work space in the common area for days when I need to feel like I am part of the world, not stuck down the hall.

Creating a home office that works for you is about more than where to place your desk and computer. It’s about feeling free to create and manage your business whether it’s down the hall or in the middle of the house.

If Fathom were here, he would be by my side, not matter where we were working.

What does your home office look like? Is there anything you would change? Why?


  1. I love your new space! Mine is a whole room, my office/studio/ craft room and Mom Zone. I needed a place where I could be creative, productive, host guests, store supplies and even pamper myself. It’s pink and turquoise, girly, colorful and delights my senses. I even have roses growing outside the window! I had an organizer help me arrange my supplies and files and it was well worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing! :) (except having you over more often)

    • Aww….I love your space. When I visit, your space helps me think. I added more color and continue to add color to my space and my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your talent and space with me. You rock!

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