Rock His World: The Unappreciated Man Finds Love

As an observer of the world, I am always asking people about their businesses, lives, and experiences. One experience that is clear to me is that when an unappreciated man finds someone who appreciates him, it rocks his world, in a good way. Last year I wrote an An Open Letter to Women Who Don’t […]

5 Types of People Who Bug the Crap Out of Me

Sometimes I just have one of those days when people bug the crap out of me. That day was a few days ago when I logged onto social media only to be bombarded by posts from people that nearly sent me over the edge. After taking a deep breath, I realized they all had some […]

Confession, Clothes and Friendship

A week ago I had a meltdown. Old feelings came back with a vengeance and I had all I could do to keep it together. It goes back to sixth grade when I wasn’t the coolest or smartest kid in class. I had ratted out a classmate for cheating the year before and my classmates […]

A Lesson in Friendship

Last year I wrote a blog post called Remember to Feed the Unicorn where I talked about unconditional love. I wrote about how sometimes all you can do is love someone from afar. It’s the best you can do to protect yourself and to let them be who they want to be. They’re your unicorn […]

Relationship Communication

Relationship communication matters. When you say something is as important as how and what you say. If you’re like me, you sometimes say important things at the most inopportune times. You have all you can do to not crawl in a hole and die. Your foot is stuck in your mouth. You keep talking and make […]

You Get What You Give

You get what you give in life whether it’s good or bad, happy or sad. You get what you give whether you’re generous or stingy, mean or kind. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, business or personal, you get what you give in life. Just a few days ago I was wondering if other people think […]

Holding onto Something for Nothing’s Sake

Take inventory of your relationships – romantic, platonic and business. Are you holding onto something for nothing’s sake? Are you spending time in relationships that suck the life out of you? You might need to do some housecleaning. I don’t mean mopping the floors. I mean cleaning up the people with whom you spend time […]

5 People You Need in Your Inner Circle

As my life has changed it has become clear that having confidantes is vital to my continued success. I call these people my inner circle. They are more than friends. I trust them with details of my life that aren’t shared here on the blog or on social media. They are my rocks in challenging […]

Change is Good

I have made a decision about the Tuesday blog posts. You’re a little nervous, aren’t you? I am! Change is good. Tuesday blog posts are going to be about relationships, not just about dating.  Why this change? Change because I have things to say about relationships that aren’t just romantic in nature. Change because relationships […]

Awkward Sex

If it’s that awkward you shouldn’t be having it. Don’t try and tell me that you’ve never had it. It’s the kind where you wake up and question your own judgment. It’s when – in the middle of it – you think about things like cleaning your house and organizing your sock drawer. It’s when […]