The white saltbox house was a half mile from the beach and an hour and a half train ride to the city.  Each window had fully functioning black shutters that were put to good use over the years.  In the summer seagulls flocked the lawn and in the winter snow blew across the brown yard.  […]

The First Friday

The first Friday trip was as painful as hearing my parents had died.  I sobbed the entire train ride from Connecticut remembering the special time with my mother.  I wore her coat and her perfume, breathing in what was left of her.  In the pockets I carried several of my father’s cloth handkerchiefs, breathing in […]


Kathryn Alexandria Stardust arrived kicking and screaming into this world.  It was the wee hours of June 13, 1985 and she weighed in at six pounds, 13 ounces, 20.5 inches long.  It was not lost on her hippie parents that her birth date and birth weight were the same.  They considered naming her Six but decided against it.  Jack and Evie Stardust […]

Kat’s Birthday Tea Party

On my eighth birthday my mother let me stay home from school and we went into the city to meet Alice and the girls for a real tea party.  Not a plastic tea set, fake tea kind of party but a real tea house!  The outside of the building was non-descript but the inside was […]

Mother Always Said Be Careful What You Start

As Kat opened the diary marked Summer of Love she was thinking she may learn a little bit more about her parents’ relationship. What she found was far more intriguing and left little to the imagination about who Evie had loved prior to loving Jack. May 15, 1963 I just told my parents to f-off.I […]

Between Youth and Kat is Evie

For as much as Kat wanted to understand her mother, she never could. The journals weren’t doing much except to make Kat wonder what happened to Evie between reckless youth and … Kat. June 12, 1990 My sweet Kat turns five years old tomorrow. I hardly know what to do with her. I want to […]