You’ve Written a Blog Post. Now What?

You’ve written a blog post. Now what? It’s sitting on your blog waiting for people to find it but no one is finding it. Why? You’re going to think this sounds weird but people want to be told what to do. No one wants to be told what to do….or do they? When it comes […]

Make Your Blog Post Relevant

Do you want more readers on your blog? If you’re like most bloggers, the answer is a resounding YES. Of course we want more people to read our musings. Readers want to connect with you as if you’re a friend sitting on a couch sharing stories and cups of tea or glasses of wine. How […]

Stop Overthinking Your Blog Post

Are you paralyzed at the thought of writing a blog post? Do you write blog posts and never publish them? Are you writing a post for hours or over the course of days? It’s time to stop overthinking your blog post. Have something to say and say it. Keep it pithy – short, concise, and […]

Three Tips for Creating a Kickass Blog Post

Creating a kickass blog post doesn’t have to be complicated. Many of us are reading your post from a cell phone or tablet and don’t have time to read hundreds of words formatted in paragraphs with no end in sight. We have time for a quick read while we’re sipping a cup of joe waiting […]

The True Meaning of an Apostrophe

The true meaning of an apostrophe, at least for me, is what an apostrophe is NOT. An apostrophe is NOT to be used before every letter “s” that ends a word. Cat’s does NOT mean more than one cat. It is possessive, as in a cat’s tail. I have been known to stop going to […]

Its vs. It’s

I am not always in edit mode when I read. There are certain things that make me cringe. Its vs. It’s is one of my pet peeves. “It’s” is a contraction meaning IT IS. “Its” is POSSESSIVE; for example, its tail. It’s time for dinner. Its tail wagged waiting for scraps to fall to the […]

The Number One Reason Your Website Needs a Blog

The number one reason your website needs a blog is because search engines love when we add new content to websites. Creating a simple website with pages such as home, about, services, contact us, offer additional information such as an e-newsletter and social media links will help your visitors: Understand how your business can help […]

What is a Word Stylist?

Three Elements of a Great About Page

As a website copywriter I am often asked to update the About Page for a business website. In researching and reviewing I have seen a variety of good, bad and so-so examples. From the shortest to the busiest to the vainest to those that are a perfect combination of these three elements: Professional Headshot: Stop […]

What is a Content Strategy Session?

All too often as small business owners or solopreneurs we are working in our business and not on our business. What does that mean? It means we are spinning our wheels, scheduling appointments and making sure the pipeline is filled with the next great deal while our own business marketing plan sits unfinished or abandoned. […]