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Anne McAuley Lopez

Anne McAuley, founder of McAuley Freelance Writing, is a freelance writer specializing in websites, blogging and content marketing strategy.

Why You Need a Blog Editorial Calendar

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Blogging for Business Owners, Content Marketing

blog editorial calendarIt is becoming more and more clear that my clients and I need to have a plan bigger than “I will blog about your business for you.” We need an editorial calendar of topics and sources from which I can work. That way they know what I am writing. I know it’s approved by them. And it saves time for both of us.

Why You Need a Blog Editorial Calendar 

  1. Mapping your blog. Whether you have a ghostblogger likeme writing for you or you’re writing your own posts, an editorial calendar provides a roadmap of topics on which you’re writing.

You’ve Written a Blog Post. Now What?

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Blogging for Business Owners, Content Marketing

blog postYou’ve written a blog post. Now what? It’s sitting on your blog waiting for people to find it but no one is finding it. Why? You’re going to think this sounds weird but people want to be told what to do.

No one wants to be told what to do….or do they?

When it comes to content marketing, people want to be told what to do. They want to be told where to find the information they need. They want to know who the best bloggers are and when they post new content.

How do you share your blog posts?

  • Share on multiple social media sites multiple times over multiple days. Change the message – take a sentence from the post that will catch readers’ attention, ask a question, make a statement about the blog topic – then add a link to the post.

Is your social media strategy like throwing spaghetti at the wall?

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Social Media

social media strategyWhen I started my business in 2010, social media was relatively new for business marketing. We thought we knew what we were doing; by today’s standards we were just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what stuck. There wasn’t a plan except to have a social media presence.

Today businesses need to have a clearly defined target market, marketing plan, and social media strategy. Without these, you’re still throwing spaghetti at the wall.

As I grow my social media consulting services, I have observed:

Event Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Solopreneur Ideas

Event marketing is an art form. To effectively promote an event, whether an in-person or online event, takes creativity and planning. If you’re not willing to invest time and resources, you won’t see the payoff in leads generation, increased brand awareness, or other ways that you’re measuring event success.

event marketingBegin by having a clear vision of the purpose of the event. Identify your audience so you can market specifically to them. Hosting a business expo isn’t as specific as hosting a small business expo targeting local small business owners seeking to grow their business through marketing. In the former, you could have a variety of speaker topics and vendor industries. In the latter, the expo has a specific target for speaker topics and vendor industries. You’re attracting a specific audience to your event.

Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Love

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Blogging for Business Owners

blog post ideas for businessDo you want more readers on your blog? If you’re like most bloggers, the answer is a resounding YES. Of course we want more people to read our musings.

Readers want to connect with you as if you’re a friend sitting on a couch sharing stories and cups of tea or glasses of wine. How do we accomplish this? We offer the following blog post ideas:

Make your blog post relevant.

Your readers want you to answer their questions.

Are you paralyzed at the thought of writing a blog post? Read This.

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Blogging for Business Owners

Are you paralyzed at the thought of writing a blog post?Create Content that Tells a Story

Do you write blog posts and never publish them?

Are you writing a post for hours or over the course of days?

It’s time to stop overthinking your blog post.

Have something to say and say it.

Keep it pithy – short, concise, and to the point.

Carry a notebook with you at all times.

How to Begin Creating Engaging Content

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Content Marketing

creating engaging contentHow to begin content creation begins with making a commitment to creating content and then following through. It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Next you need to identify your target market and why you want to create content. Without these two pieces, you won’t build content that is focused on your goals.

Identify Your Target Market

If you don’t know who you’re talking to or want to be talking to, then how do you know what to say? You don’t. You have to identify your target market so you know who you are reaching or who you want to reach so you can build a content strategy that speaks to them. 

Know Why You’re Creating Content

Knowing why you’re creating content will keep you focused on the goal. In Ken Blanchard’s book One Minute Manager, he writes about goals being like bowling pins. If you don’t have the pins to knock down, then how do you know when to celebrate? You could be rolling bowling balls all day and not know if you’ve hit your target. The same is true for content.

Here are some common reasons to create content:

Don’t be Lazy When it Comes to Content Creation

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Content Marketing

New ContentCreating content takes time and energy….and lots of it. All too often I hear business owners say they don’t have time or resources to write on their blog or post to social media. When I ask why, they say they just don’t see the value. Many say they get clients through referrals and they don’t need to be found online.

Creating content is essential to your business being found online, and ahead of your competition in search engine results.

What happens when the referral pipeline runs dry?

Building a business based solely on referrals means relying on others to send you leads. While that is good, and is how I built my business, there comes a time when we have to generate our own leads.

For me, generating my own leads means creating content for my blog while also ghostwriting for client blogs. It keeps the business moving forward while creating opportunities for attracting my target market. [Let’s be honest, by “moving forward” I mean ongoing client work and income.]

What is the value of creating content?

Three Tips for Creating a Kickass Blog Post

Written by Anne McAuley Lopez on . Posted in Blogging for Business Owners

ekp-mcauley-0803-2Creating a kickass blog post doesn’t have to be complicated. Many of us are reading your post from a cell phone or tablet and don’t have time to read hundreds of words formatted in paragraphs with no end in sight. We have time for a quick read while we’re sipping a cup of joe waiting for our next appointment. Simplicity is key.

Here are three tips for creating a kickass blog post:

  1. Keep it Simple: You’re giving a few tips about your topic not writing a dissertation. Keep your blog posts simple and to the point. Your readers have short attention spans.
  2. Bullets and Bold: We’re all short on time and attention. More than likely your readers are skimming for useful information rather than reading. Include bullet points or numbering and bold for the things you want readers to notice.
  3. Words Matter: More specifically, word count matters. If your post is more than 350 words, it’s too long to be a blog post. Break it into smaller ideas and a couple of posts.

On behalf of fellow skimmers around the globe, I want to thank you for keeping you next post short and to the point. Cheers!

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