5 Types of People Who Bug the Crap Out of Me

Sometimes I just have one of those days when people bug the crap out of me. That day was a few days ago when I logged onto social media only to be bombarded by posts from people that nearly sent me over the edge. After taking a deep breath, I realized they all had some common traits – from being busy and not productive to weird eaters and doofuses.

Here are the five types of people who bug the crap out of me:

  1. Self-Absorbed – Whether it’s in-person or on social media, these people annoy me to the point of not wanting to follow them anymore. I understand we all have bad days and need to vent. Those days should not be all days.
  2. Always Busy, Never Productive – Whether they’re business owners or someone from corporate America, there are people who appear busy all the time. When you get to know them, they are really just time wasters, not being productive. If they’re business owners, they’re probably not making any money but are off to meetings all the time.
  3. Weird Eaters – These are the people that are always talking about food, diet, and exercise related topics all the time. They come to parties and only eat the lettuce off the meat platter or don’t eat at all. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about making healthier choices but, come on, live a little and eat a piece of cheese already!
  4. Tunnel Vision – These people have a one track mind. There is one topic on which they focus in all areas of life. To an outsider, it appears they only have one setting – sports, food, themselves, etc.. and nothing else matters. Let’s just say this isn’t the first person I would call if I needed help.
  5. Doofuses – If you’ve read my relationship blog posts, you know doofuses bug the crap out of me. In my blog post Defining Doofuses, I discuss my experience with these poor souls. They’re clueless about everything from clothes and fashion to basic hygiene and manners. They bug me not only because of their bad breath and poor fashion sense but their general lack of common sense about life.

As you’re going through you day, keep these people in mind and try not to hurt them. They just can’t help themselves.


  1. LOL! Love your list. I had to holler a “Yes ma’am!” for #3. For some reason that gets my goat as well. Pure craziness.
    Kesha – A new SITS Tribe member friend :)

    • LOL! Seems a lot of people know weird eaters. I try not to be one but gluten is NOT my friend. Thanks for checking out the blog. I will be checking yours later. Gotta hop on client calls this morning. Have an awesome week!

  2. I love this list but I need to add a few of my pet peeves:
    People who are rude to servers.
    People who routinely don’t tip or seriously under tip.
    People that take 10 minutes to order a dish because they have to change everything – and they still are never happy with what they get!
    People that post selfies of themselves on Facebook EVERY day.
    People that have a whole cart of groceries yet still get in the express line.
    Pedestrians that walk in a parking lot without looking first (seriously, didn’t their moms tell them to look both ways?).
    Drivers that don’t let you merge!
    Sorry – you got me started. :) Great blog.

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